We take a look back at where it all began: The product that launched the Bed Head brand.

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In 1996, the launch of the Bed Head Stick changed the face of TIGI. A wax stick to give ‘second-day’, lived-in hair, the Stick was a joint concept created by Bruno Mascolo, his wife Kyra, and Anthony. Anthony describes the launch as their ‘eureka moment’. With the arrival of the Stick, the brand, was born.

"It started with a stick and became a brand"

Anthony Mascolo

The Stick launched with perfect timing, ideal for the styles worn by late 90s youth culture, the evolution of “cool Britannia” and the elevation of  ‘street fashion’. Bed Head turned the world of styling products on its head and made TIGI famous. Perfectly aligned to the kind of hairstyles he was creating at the time, the Bed Head Stick led onwards to many new and memorable products, including Manipulator, Headrush and Queen for a Day.

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