Anthony and Pat Mascolo head to Tokyo for the 2019 Japanese Hairdressing Awards and an awe-inspiring presentation.

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Last month Anthony and Pat Mascolo were invited to attend the prestigious Japanese Hairdressing Awards in Tokyo. The Japanese hairdressing audience, many of whom are clearly huge fans of Anthony and Pat’s creative project Infringe.com, were delighted the pair was able to attend the event and gave them a resounding, warm welcome.

As part of the evening Anthony led a presentation of models, working with TIGI APAC Creative Director, Gen Itoh, Akos Bodi and Joshua Mascolo who showed this season’s designer presentation and ended with the outstanding Sculpture of Art of the Human Form.

Here we show some amazing coverage from the event and behind the scenes at the Japanese Hairdressing Awards.

  • Hair: Anthony Mascolo
  • Akos Bodi
  • Gen Itoh
  • Josh Mascolo
  • Andy Cheong
  • Fabio Alfano
  • Ryo Ishiyama
  • Risa Okochi
  • Yusuke Korenaga
  • Make-up: Pat Mascolo
  • Rie Yoshizawa
  • Minami Naya
  • Clothes styling & original pieces: Jiv D
  • Photography: Panos Damaskinidis
  • Video: Aris Akriditis