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Joel Torres is at the forefront of TIGI Education in the USA and across the Americas, working out of the TIGI Learning Lab in Dallas. Working with Thomas Osborn, Joel has helped to develop education for TIGI with a particular emphasis on men’s cutting and barbering.

Travelling constantly, Joel shares his knowledge and techniques with hairdressers across the country, and also works on editorial shoots. In recent years, he has also become a social media influencer, working on how-to videos and collaborations.


What was the moment when you decided to be a hairdresser?

As a teenager, I started making money by cutting my friends’ hair. I knew that I’d found my career. I then entered a hairdressing competition in New York and won, which made me realise that I could have fun and make money in the industry.

When you aren’t feeling inspired, where do you find inspiration?

I always find inspiration from working on editorial shoots with my group of friends in Miami. My friends are like family and they share inspiration with me and cheer me up when I need it.

What would be your perfect weekend off?

I love to go home to Puerto Rico to totally disconnect and recharge, so I think it would be a weekend at the beach with my family and friends. My two other favourite things to do would be a road trip or to visit Disneyland where I can be a big kid!