A happy team means happy clients. Here's how to support your salon staff this December.

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We hate to state the obvious, but we all know this ‘festive period’ isn’t going to be as festive as usual. Having said that, the decorations are up and there’s an aura of hope for 2021, so it certainly isn’t all doom and gloom.

However, it’s painfully obvious people are not feeling as joyful as usual and there are many reasons for this, from just being plain grumpy about the situation to having real money worries and feeling fearful, as well as health and mental health issues.

As an employer, it’s important to show your team you care. Times are hard, but you need to ensure your team can put on their best performance over the coming weeks to please all your clients, upsell services and retail, show your excellence as a business and invest in your future, ensuring your clients will support you next year.

Bring the festive cheer to your salon and staff this month! Credit: instagram/minthairlondon

Here are a few tips we’re sure you probably know, but just to remind you and keep you on your toes!

1. Share care packages and gifts

If you’ve been in Lockdown 2.0 think about giving your team ‘welcome back’ packs. This doesn’t have to involve great expense, even a drink, a snack bar and some hand gel or a festive face-mask is going to show you care.

2. Keep communication flowing

Your columns might be heaving every day with a wait-list of eager clients, but don’t forget to have your daily team and/or individual ‘catch-ups’. You need to know how each person is feeling and if they have any issues. (Money problems at this time of year can lead to real distress.)

3. Keep calm and carry on

Think of ways to both relax and energise everyone, from doing some breathing exercises to playing music and stretching or just dancing through a track before the day begins or at the end of the day or week. In other words: Give your team time.

4. Use words of support

When communicating with your team use words and phrases to support and encourage them. From telling someone you liked a particular look: “I loved the look you created on Mrs X today,” to: “Hang in there, it’s your last client!” Using positive words and phrases can really make someone feel good, such as “Let’s believe in ourselves” or “We’re doing the impossible and we’re doing it well!”

5. Show thanks

Don’t forget to thank. Showing some love is really important and although we can’t hug we can still show we care for one another.

6. Offer incentives

Obviously, staff incentives are a consideration. Money doesn’t always have to be the aspect that encourages people and keep in mind that some people aren’t motivated by money. Some people may thank you for extra (paid) time off, some people will work towards receiving a gift or an experience and others, of course, will be happiest with a bonus. But we’re sure you know, incentivising people as individuals and as a team is always a good way to increase performance and job satisfaction.

7. Remember safety first

Keep reminding everyone of health and safety codes, both at work and when they are with family and friends. The last thing you want is anyone in your team causing you all to go into isolation, leading to the closure of your salon.

8. Look after yourself too

Lastly and very importantly: Don’t forget about yourself! Everything that applies to your team applies to you too.

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