Fuse speaks to barbers across the world to find out what’s trending in men’s hair right now.

Bed Head for Men long hair with beard outside barber shop

We spoke with barbers, John Radu (Cannibale Barbershop in Bridgeland, Canada), Cihan Bulut (ERDBEERSCHNITTE  Gentlemen in Ludwigsburg, Germany), Anthony Laban (Anthony Laban Home in London UK), and Joel Torres, TIGI’s very own men’s specialist, to understand what’s the latest trends in men’s hair.

They share their men’s hair trend predictions for 2021, and the best hair products to achieve each style. One thing is for sure, men are keeping that lockdown length! Our prediction: it’s all about long hair.

Textured length on top, tapered at the back and sides

“Short sides and longer length on the top, especially with texture, is really popular right now,” explains Joel Torres. As many men embraced longer hair lengths during Lockdown, it’s not surprising that male clients are looking to maintain the length and natural texture but give it some control.

“This style is very ‘in’ at the moment,” says Anthony Laban. “Guys like the casual messy top but want to keep it neat and tidy at the back. More guys are embracing their waves and curls and with the right advice and product they can achieve this look,”

Cihan agrees: “A soft transition from a mid-fade to a longer top is a key men’s trend right now. The top is left messy, airy, and fluffy. Products are important to enhance the natural texture but shouldn’t be too heavy or noticeable.”

Who: Zayn Malik

Technical tips: “Personalisation techniques to create texture and a natural feeling are key for this look,” says Joel. John adds: “I definitely recommend creating lots of texture in longer looks. Hair can get bulky really fast. Cutting it with a razor creates more movement and adds texture to the hair.”

Key products: Joel recommends creating texture with Bed Head Wax Stick, Bed Head Manipulator Matte, Bed Head For Men Matte Separation Wax

Textured length on top. Hair by John Radu

Medium length with curtains

The 90s inspired looks are set to continue for 2021, but make sure your clients don’t look like they’ve just stepped out of a Backstreet Boys video… this is a modern take on the 90s’ style!

“I feel there is definitely a revival of the 90s within the younger generation,” explains John. “Middle parts certainly will become more asked for this year – it’s total 1990s inspiration!”

“Longer length is in and so are curtains,” agrees Anthony. “It’s not totally 90s curtains but more of a hairstyle with a natural part. This is a very popular trend we’re seeing at our salons.”

Who: Harry Styles

Key products: Bed Head After Party, Bed Head Small Talk, TIGI Copyright Creamy Finishing Wax

Longer lengths

“As far as what I’m seeing trending in our shops, it is definitely length,” says John. “People are experimenting with longer lengths now more than ever”.

Anthony agrees that length is key for 2021 men’s hair trends. “Through lockdown guys had a chance to grow their hair so more men are opting for length, and the benefit of long hair is it works as a ‘man bun’ which is very popular at the moment,” he explains. “Some men are also going for an undercut which gives the look a little edge and versatility. Guys also like how the sun naturally colours their hair to golden tones. The natural beach look is definitely hot!”

Who: Jason Momoa and Jared Leto

Technical tips: “Personalise longer hair with deep point cutting or razor cutting,” suggests Cihan. John adds: “Also, longer hair does not need to be perfect technically, that’s what makes it look perfect visually. With longer lengths, products do become key to control or add texture to the hair.”

Key products: “Create texture, movement and a lived-in, matte look with TIGI Copyright Texturising Salt Spray and Bed Head Trouble Maker dry spray wax,” says John.

Bed Head for Men long hair with beard outside barber shop

Men are embracing the lockdown length. Hair: Domenico Tomei.

Curls, curls, curls

Men are embracing their natural texture, and curly hair styles are becoming increasingly popular. “Low fades with casual curls are going to be big,” predicts Cihan.

Anthony has noticed a positive shift among his male clients with curly hair. “More and more guys are wanting to understand their hair and their curls. We all know that curls can be tricky, but with the right advice and the right products, more men are keeping their luscious locks instead of chopping them off.”

So, encourage your male clients to embrace their natural movement, and recommend the best home hair care regime to support their curls! Curl power!

Who: Kit Harrington and Dev Patel

Key products: TIGI Copyright Firm Hold Curl Cream, Bed Head Curls Rock Amplifier, Bed Head Wanna Glow jelly oil, Bed Head Back It Up texturising cream.

Men’s hair colour

The growth of men’s hair colour, from the subtle grey-blending to bleach and tone services, have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Joel Torres predicts this trend will continue to grow in 2021. John Radu agrees and thinks the trend will be “hair that looks a little more DIY, as coming out of lockdown people cut and coloured their hair at home.”

Who: Zayn Malik

Key products: TIGI Copyright Colour True Light White, TIGI Gloss

Hair by Cihan Bulut

So, it looks like men’s trends are embracing a more natural look in 2021, with longer lengths, waves, curls, and texture key to nailing this style.

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