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This week we’re sharing things we love and, of course, we couldn’t let the week go by without telling you about our all-time favourite TIGI products. We start off with Akos Bodi, whose personal favourite TIGI product, the Bed Head Stick, was the start of the exciting journey.

“I love the original Bed Head Stick; its fragrance is nostalgic and brings back great memories of the beginning of my career with TIGI. Beyond that, it embodies the brand’s ethos while its performance and innovation still hasn’t been surpassed by others.”
Akos Bodi, TIGI European Creative Director

“I love Bed Head Motor Mouth because it has the perfect texture and consistency to get body and movement into my hair.  As well as enhancing natural shine, with its anti-frizz properties it’s the perfect product to keep my hair looking amazing.”
Lucy Hicks, TIGI UK Regional Education Specialist

“The TIGI product I love most is TIGI Copyright Heat Protection Spray. I refer to it as my miracle product, I use it and recommend it to almost every client. I love how the Organic Coconut Oil ingredient conditions and softens the hair just enough without weighing the hair down. I treat it like a primer before I start my haircut as the Glycerine in it keeps the hair evenly moisturised making my job easier, but most importantly, my clients love the UV protection from the sun and Thermal Heat Protection from them using Heat Styling.”
Alex Harris-Gibbs, Salon Owner, Harris-Gibbs UK

“As a colourist, my favourite products are TIGI Copyright Repair and Shine Boosters. I use them together and love the way they protect the integrity of the hair and promote its health and shine.”
Kerrie O’Reilly, TIGI European Technical Director

“I love Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray, simply because it adds an unbelievable shine and its fragrance is iconic.  Beyond that, every client and model I work with loves it too!”
Joel Torres, TIGI Americas Creative Director

TIGI Copryight Texturising Salt Spray is unique from all others on the market in my opinion! This is because when sprayed into the hair, it isn’t sticky or solid to touch. It encourages natural waves in the hair whilst adding a slight amount of moisture to give a natural beach texture. You can also use it to build texture into short styles; in fact, it’s the perfect product to use all year round.”
Lucy Hicks, TIGI UK Regional Education Specialist

Bed Head Small Talk is my all-time favourite.  I just love this product! It adds thickness to the hair, giving it volume as well as re-energising the hair to give great results every time.”
Mark Winstanley, Salon Owner, Molbys, UK

“I use TIGI Copyright Heat Protection Spray on every head of hair I work with. It’s great for protecting against UV damage and heat damage and leaves hair feeling both moisturised  and healthy. It’s absolutely amazing!”
Anthony Laban, Salon Owner, Anthony Laban Home, UK

“I looooooooove Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day! It never lets me down. And it’s my go-to if I have never met your hair before! It gives the ultimate volume, creates the perfect texture, and gives sublime body for every body! In fact, it puts me always in ‘the mood’ to create any mood!”
Maria Kovacs, TIGI European Session Director

“My favourite product is TIGI Copyright Multi-Tasking Styling Cream as it’s easy to use and is light enough to apply to the roots without making the hair greasy. Not only does it fight frizz, it also strengthens the hair and makes it look thicker, as well as filtering out harmful UV rays.”
Piero Gentile, TIGI UK Academy Creative Director

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