Anthony Mascolo presents the latest education collection, TIGI Modern Classics, at the #WeAreOneTIGI Convention.

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The highlight of the second day of the #WeAreOneTIGI European Convention was the launch of Modern Classics, the new education collection from Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI Creative Team.

Presented in two segments for cut and colour, the team presented the new techniques in real time. Kicking off the presentation, the TIGI Technical Team showcased a range of classic to creative colouring techniques using Copyright Colour, that can be adapted to suit any type of salon client. Once processed, the models returned to the stage with the Creative Team who demonstrated Modern Classic cutting techniques, illustrating how colour and cut work together to create a total look.

Introducing the eight new cut and colour techniques during the stage presentation, Anthony explained: “This is what TIGI’s all about. Modern Classics offers something to every hairdresser in the salon, from the youngest and least experienced to the advanced, confident stylist and colourist. Both the cuts and colours can be the foundation of your work, but can also be pushed to give advanced creative finishes.”

Compering the technical section, TIGI Global Creative Technical Director, Christel Lundqvist added: “Today’s classic clients are happy to experiment. For example, a hint of rose – created by giving a subtle pink tone to blonde hair – is a shade we are finding many women are not only prepared to have, but really love.”

"TIGI Modern Classics is about ‘forward- thinking’ and reappraisal. It’s classic, but dressed for your clients today."

Anthony Mascolo

Anthony explained: “Over the years, classic hairdressing has provided thousands of hairdressers with the basis of their daily salon work and has been a fundamental part of the education programmes my team and I have developed. We are excited to share our new translation: TIGI Modern Classics, taking classic techniques through to creative looks. TIGI Modern Classics is about ‘forward- thinking’ and reappraisal. It’s classic, but dressed for your clients today.”

TIGI Modern Classics launches very soon to Fuse so stay tuned for full information and new education to support you and your team.

Speak to your TIGI representative or contact us to see how you can receive a limited edition collection book.

  • Cut: Anthony Mascolo
  • Akos Bodi   /  
  • Thomas Osborn   /  
  • Maria Kovacs   /  
  • Gen Itoh   /  
  • Piero Gentile   /  
  • Joshua Mascolo   /  
  • Colour: Christel Lundqvist   /  
  • Warren Boodaghians   /  
  • Kerrie O'Reilly   /  
  • Stephanie Valente
  • Lucy Hicks   /  
  • Anne Wilson   /  
  • Ryan Andrews   /  
  • Photography: Alex Barron-Hough   /  
  • Make-up: Pat Mascolo
  • Amy Barrington-Long
  • Fashion Styling: Jiv D   /