Fuse talks to TIGI hairdressers to find about their favourite products and top tips for creating super shiny hair.

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Let’s face it, most people like their hair to shine. Glossy hair signifies healthy hair, and when hair is shiny it seems to move better, amplifying the hair’s colour, and importantly, makes the wearer feel radiant.

Within TIGI Bed Head and Copyright there is a fantastic choice of products to promote shine, for the professional hairdresser’s use in the salon and to recommend as part of an after-care regime for clients between salon visits. From shampoo and conditioner, to treatments, colours, styling and finishing products; there are shine-promoting products for every hair type and style.

This month we’ve talked to some TIGI hairdressers to find out their favourite products, and their tips for creating the perfect shine regime.

TIGI Creative Director, Philip Downing, thinks it’s important to educate your clients so they have the knowledge to make their hair look great when they’re doing it themselves. Number one, he says, is the ‘towel technique’. This means blotting dry the hair to absorb excess moisture before applying the desired products through the hair. “Ensure clients understand this should be done as early as possible,” he says, “As very often they will leave a towel round their head whilst they do other things like make-up or getting dressed, which encourages the hair to dry inconsistently. Then when products are applied, they do not dry into the hair consistently.”


Here are Philip’s recommended shine products for professionals, with his top tips on application.

Add a shot of shine with Headrush

Give glossy hold with Masterpiece


Use on wet hair, especially for blondes. This further enhances shine. Or, once the cuticle has flattened, use with cold air from your hair dryer to add a topcoat shine.


Use this hairspray to finish styles and hold the desired shape with massive added shine.

Prep is key with Heat Protection Spray

Glossy locks get Colour Lustre Oil


Both can be used in wet hair to protect and smooth the cuticle. Dry on a high heat to get the highest shine.


This works well on wet or dry hair and gives softness and shine. It’s also great to cocktail to add a shine boost to any TIGI Copyright styling product.


Use on wet or dry hair to smooth the cuticle and give a light reflecting shine. After Party helps reduce blow-drying time, as well as laying the cuticle flatter. It’s also a great cutting agent.

TIGI Bed Head After Party in spotlights


When it comes to recommending shine products to clients, here are Philip’s favourites.


Add a pump into your hand and work into the mid-lengths and ends on wet or dry hair, or both! This keeps hair looking sleek and tame fly-aways.

When you’re short on time, you can also use After Party as a ‘deodoriser’ for hair that’s partied too hard. It’s great to give a second-day hair refresh, “kind of like Febreze!” says Philip.


Spray Copyright Heat Protection Spray all over the hair and brush through. Then add in a few pumps of the Split End Repair Cream to the palm of your hand and work into the mid-lengths and ends of the hair.


Spray into the finished look to add massive hold and massive shine.


Use on dry hair to tame fly-aways and on wet hair to reduce frizz. Apply through mid-lengths and ends.


“To achieve the best shine, it is all about layering the products from start to finish, wet to dry.” says Philip.

“Start off using a TIGI Copyright Shine Booster in the shower, next spray in your heat protection product of choice and then Bed Head Afterparty. Use your hairdryer at a high heat to get the products firmly in the cuticle, layer in Copyright Colour Lustre Oil or Afterparty, and finish off with a cold air blast of Bed Head Headrush. Headrush is the cherry on top of the cake!”

Other TIGI hairdressers share their shine tips.

“For me, preparation is key, especially with coarser hair types.” says Aaron Overton, TIGI UK Educator. “To achieve a polished, high-shine canvas, I like to prep the hair with TIGI Copyright Moisture Shampoo and a bespoke Copyright Booster service of equal parts Shine and Smooth booster. Prior to drying the hair, I like to cocktail Copyright Multi-Tasking Cream and Colour Lustre Oil together. This provides control of frizz and hydration, and creates a glow from root to tip. When hair is very dry or damaged, I like to add an extra layer of humidity protection by adding one pump of the Split End Repair Cream. This locks the blow-dry and results in long lasting shine.”

Prep with Copyright Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

Customise with Copyright Boosters

Ulla Maas from TIGI Salon Hafencity agrees preparation is key. “Most important for a shiny look is the base,” she says. “I always use TIGI Copyright Shine Booster in combination with my recommended TIGI Copyright conditioner, suited to the client’s hair. This pre-prepares the hair for styling and also protects it from humidity. My favourite products for a highly polished finish are Bed Head Screw It and Headrush. These two products really give a mega shine even on dry hair.” 

TIGI Germany Creative Director and salon owner of Fille et Garcon, Stuttgart, Gianni D’Assero, is also a fan of using TIGI Copyright Care to prepare and promote shine. “My favourite system for creating shine for my clients is to use TIGI Copyright Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner in combination with the Copyright Smooth Booster. This cocktail disciplines the hair and creates a relaxed hair structure,” says Gianni. “When it comes to styling preparation, I like to apply TIGI Copyright Heat Protection Spray to provide additional moisture and protect the hair. And, for extra shine, I very often finish my clients’ look with TIGI Copyright Colour Lustre Oil.”

Ryan Andrews, TIGI UK Educator, mixes Copyright Shine and Smooth Boosters to help smooth the hair down as well as promoting shine. “Following this”, he says, “I make sure I prep the hair with Copyright Heat Protection Spray and Split-End Repair Cream to really help smooth the hair and seal the split ends, and after drying I finish with Colour Lustre Oil.”

Lastly, TIGI European Session Director, Maria Kovacs shares her one and only favourite:

“My all-time favourite shine spray is without a doubt, Bed Head Headrush. It’s an incredibly creative product. To apply it, you can spray it directly onto the hair or into a comb or spray it into the hands and, equally, you can apply it in many different ways to give different textures and effects.”

Maria’s ultimate shine hero, Headrush

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