How salon sustainability can be good for your business and product retail!

We are all becoming increasingly aware that, as humans, our actions are having a devastating effect on our planet. However, making small changes can have a positive impact on the greater protection of the world in which we live, creating a better environment for us and future generations. And hairdressers are in a good position to help.

This month, as we all think about our impact in recognition of World Earth Day, we talk to Wallis and Goodrich salon in Nottingham, UK, who have made a positive change to their retailing that not only uses less plastic but is also winning great praise and support from clients.

Wallis & Goodrich offer discount when clients return with their empty TIGI Copyright bottles.

Cut plastic with refillable bottles.

Inspired by a product refill scheme at fellow TIGI salon, Garie Nigel Hairwork, the team at Wallis and Goodrich saw an opportunity to reduce their own plastic waste, both in their salon and clients’ homes.

“As soon as we told our clients we could refill their TIGI Copyright shampoo and conditioner bottles to help reduce our plastic use, we had amazingly positive feedback. In fact, our clients were all really happy,” says salon owner David Goodrich.

David explains the system is positive with their customers for two key reasons: “Our clients love the fact they’re doing their bit to help the environment. We offer a discounted price when they return their TIGI Copyright shampoo and conditioner bottles to us.”

Sustainability is good for the salon business!

“It’s not just good for the environment, it’s also good for business. We refill retail bottles from our TIGI Copyright backwash bottles. From a business point of view, this is great because we make a good price mark-up on each refill,” says David. So, it is a win for the clients, a win for the salon owners and definitely a huge win for the environment!

Product refills can be a great way for your salon to be more sustainable.

How do wash and care bottle refills work?

Wallis & Goodrich currently charge £32 ($45)  for a refill for TIGI Copyright shampoo and conditioner , saving £2 ($3) on each product and a total of £4 ($6) for the pair.

David says the impact and results have been fantastic. “Every large bottle of shampoo or conditioner fills approximately four shampoo or four conditioner bottles which saves a great deal of plastic.

We find this a very popular service and over half of our clients who buy into TIGI Copyright retail products now use our refill service. We would definitely recommend all salons to encourage this service!”


Do you have a salon sustainability pledge, or have you introduced any eco-friendly measures? We would love to hear from you! Share your tips and experience at TIGI Professional Instagram or contact our Fuse team.

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