Warren Boodaghians and Maria Kovacs explain the inspiration and meaning of the hair trend: Royal Rebellion.

‘Royal Rebellion’ is a hair trend taking influence from powerful women throughout history. She’s a strong and independent woman who wants to be seen as herself. She’s a fighter, but never loses her femininity, her elegance or her poise.

The look, created by Maria Kovacs and Warren Boodaghians pays homage to some of the queens throughout history, taking inspiration from Celtic women such as Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I. Translating this concept, Warren used colours including Scottish Orange and Red to give strength to the overall look.

"These are strong independent women who led countries and fought wars. They did it with such elegance and poise. That's true Royal Rebellion. It's a woman that just wants to be heard and be herself."

Warren Boodaghians

For Maria Kovacs, the image is a statuesque woman, posed and waiting to be carved in marble. She is a tapestry of rich colours, alluding to both her power and her vulnerability. This idea is echoed in the hairstyle: a strong shape with inner texture.

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  • Cut & Styling: Maria Kovacs   /  
  • Colour: Warren Boodaghians   /  
  • Photography: Alex Barron-Hough   /  
  • Make-up: Katie Moore   /  
  • Fashion Styling: Claire Frith   /