Inspired by the strong, independent women of history, Warren Boodaghians and Maria Kovacs introduce the hair trend, Royal Rebellion.

This hair trend pays homage to royal icons, such as Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots. The Royal Rebellion girl speaks her own mind and is ready to fight her own wars, but always with elegance and poise.

Royal Rebellion calls for strong cuts and styles to match her strong personality, with bold Celtic shades, keeping her true to her roots and her heritage. This collaboration gives us two versions of the same woman, illustrating her transformation from romantic royal to warrior princess.


Hair is Art. Hair is fabric. Hair is sculpture. Hair creates the mood. The strong shape and inner texture of this look is a ‘right royal texture’.

This look is all about the silhouette, taking inspiration from European Royalty like Elizabeth I and Marie Antoinette, who used wigs and hair pieces that had been crafted to showcase the latest fashions. The texture is modern and lived-in but statuesque, designed to make the model, Tiffany, feel like a queen.

With a series of pre-coloured wefts, Maria combined classic hair dressing with a razoring technique to blend the pieces into the shape and soften the lines. Maria explains, “it was essential that the direction of the hair flowed visually to enhance the placement of reds and oranges, and harmonise the pieces with the hair. Plus, a bit of magic lighting helps!”

The colour is regal and refined. Warren chose to work with a romantic and soft colour palette to create this polished look.


This second look shows strength, in colour, styling and attitude. “Both looks are about empowerment. The first is understated, but this one is a true reflection of who she is. It’s the same girl but here, her true self shines through” says Warren. “She’s broken free from the expectations of others and how they think she should be seen.”

Warren used a placement colour technique, with shades of Scottish Orange, Celtic Copper and Regal Red to create this look. It’s a trending technique that gives a bold, impactful look, and working with colours with the same tonal qualities but different levels creates highs and lows of multi-saturation. For a softer result, Warren suggests working with Texture Colour, which infuses freehand techniques and all-over glosses to promote the natural heritage of the hair colour.

  • Cut & Styling: Maria Kovacs   /  
  • Styling: Akos Bodi   /  
  • Colour: Warren Boodaghians   /  
  • Photography: Alex Barron-Hough   /  
  • Make-up: Katie Moore   /  
  • Fashion Styling: Claire Frith   /  
  • Video: George Baxter   /