Walter Chen set himself the ultimate challenge, all in the name of charity.

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Walter Chen is an amazing guy! In the world of TIGI, he’s the enduringly popular non-hairdresser who, 25 years ago, heard about Anthony Mascolo and TIGI and brought the brand to Taiwan. Since then he has made the business hugely successful with a beautiful Academy and fantastic education programmes supported by the TIGI International Creative Team.

But when he’s not working Walter runs. Over the years he’s completed countless Iron Man events, both in Taiwan and other parts of the Globe but recently he took on a whole new challenge that was to test his fitness and endurance as never before.

In 2019 Anthony Mascolo, as Global President of Alternative Hair, together with Alternative Hair founder, Tony Rizzo, took the Alternative Hair Show to Taiwan.

The Taiwan Creative Team, led by Gen Itoh, presented a show within the programme and as he learned more about the Alternative Hair charity, Walter found himself inspired to attempt an amazing fund-raising event. He decided he would run around the entire island of Taiwan!

We only live once, shouldn't we make something of it?

Walter Chen

“Anthony has always had my back, and when I found out he helps raise over £200,000 each year for Fighting Leukaemia, I wanted to help. I wanted to spread the word about Alternative Hair and help Taiwan’s vulnerable children. It was about sharing the love,” Walter says. “Importantly, one thing I’ve taken from Anthony is: ‘Learn the rules, break the rules,’ so that’s what I set about doing!”

And what an achievement! Walter ran for 19 days covering a massive 1,045 KM and raised a grand total of 1,138,000NT (approx. £29,500 or $38,700) for Childhood Cancer.


AH founder, Tony Rizzo, hopes to take the event back to Taiwan in 2021


The 38th Alternative Hair Show should have taken place on 11th October this year. Sadly, of course, the COVID19 pandemic has made travel difficult, and mass celebrations are forbidden. Over the years, the London Alternative Hair Show has presented some of the world’s top artistic teams in fantastic venues, such as the Royal Albert Hall. The events raise an incredible sum of money to help medical research into Leukaemia, as well as vital support for children suffering from this terrible disease and their families.

But rest assured, the global pandemic has not dimmed Tony and Anthony’s passion for the Alternative Hair Show. In fact, the first live, virtual Alternative Hair Show, is taking place on October 11th. From locations across the Globe, the artistic teams will link to Anthony and Tony in London to show their interpretation of the 2020 theme: Imagine.  All the audience needs to do is imagine they’re in London watching the show and they’ll be in for a spectacular and exciting evening.

Tony Rizzo was thrilled and humbled on hearing of Walter’s initiative. Importantly for all the thousands of Asian hairdressers who have supported Alternative Hair over the year, he says he is hoping and praying to take the Alternative Hair Show to Taiwan once again in 2021. 

To find out more about the 2020 LIVE, Virtual ALTERNATIVE HAIR SHOW, supported by TIGI, please go to