Located in Hackney, East London Mie Mani is a stunning salon, oozing artistry and style.

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In London’s cool and edgy East End sits the hair salon Mie Mani. The classic interior of the salon creates a restful and relaxing mood in contrast to the frenetic city life going on outside. The Italian owners wanted to create a tranquil atmosphere where their clients could unwind and relax whilst having their hair done and this is a goal they achieved brilliantly. Their highly skilled team has a global mix, giving the salon a unique feeling, and between them they are always ready to create the latest on-trend styles or absolute classics.

Fuse spoke to Silvia, one of the founding salon directors about the salon and its ethos.

What does the name Mie Mani mean?

SILVIA: ‘Mie Mani’ is Italian for ‘My Hands’ and of course, our background is Italian. We see our work as creative and we are, of course, working with our hands, not a computer, so ‘Mie Mani’ seemed an appropriate name.

How did you start your business?

SILVIA: Originally there were four directors, and now two remain. We started at the time of the ‘credit crunch’ (ten years ago) and in those early days we survived through our creativity, laughter and a lot of sleepless nights!

How did you decide on the look of your salon?

SILVIA: We wanted to create a vintage feeling that wasn’t too polished or bland. It was important to us that the atmosphere would feel warm. Luckily the space was big enough that we could play around with designs without the end result being cluttered. None of us had any experience with interior design, but we learnt from our mistakes. The hardest decision was deciding together on what colour we wanted for the walls. When I think back it was so much fun!

What is your philosophy?

SILVIA: To be honest we don’t have just one philosophy. However, our main aim is to create a cosy and friendly environment where our clients feel free to be themselves. This atmosphere ensures every client has a great experience in our salon and, naturally, having happy clients leads to good profitability!

Can you tell us about your team?

SILVIA: Today, we are a team of 11 stylists. Between us we can cover the most creative, funky styles to the absolute classics and total glamour.

What changes have you seen in the area that your salon is located?

SILVIA: Ten years ago, Great Eastern Street, where our salon is located, was an area where poor artists and Creatives lived and worked. Now it’s become a thriving area and the big corporations have moved in.

Where do you get your inspiration?

SILVIA: Always from our clients! But, of course, we also follow fashion. The most important thing though is that we add value to every client’s experience. It’s the details that are important. We don’t necessarily follow the latest trend of the area, in fact, for me, there’s no such thing; what’s important is to match each client’s personality.

What’s next for Mie Mani?

SILVIA: We actually have some big expansion plans that we’re developing… So, watch this space!


Mie Mani is at 10A Great Eastern St, Hackney, London EC2A 3NT, UK. www.miemani.co.uk


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