Fuse explores how hairdressers can use and embrace social media as a tool for client communication.

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Why are you using digital platforms for during this period of home-stay? Are you doing what you’ve always done or are you using your time to improve your grasp of digital and social media platforms and reach out to friends, family and importantly, your staff and clients, with great confidence, more creativity and purpose?

But also, have you thought how your clients are engaging?

What platforms are they using? Are they regularly going to Facebook to hook up with family and friends, are they joining conversation on Twitter, inspired by imagery on Instagram or creating films on Tik-Tok? Are they in Messenger or WhatsApp groups? Or are they ‘old school’ communicating by text or even actually talking to one another on the phone? To stay connected, these are factors you need to know.

A word on how to communicate.

Most importantly be authentic and friendly. And above all be considerate and helpful. This is about maintaining your relationship. It’s not a hard sell or desperate call-out.

Hopefully, you will already be in the habit of creating ‘content calendars’ for your social media. If not, then start now! You should be creating at least three times a week and not more than three times per day, with at least a three-hour gap between posts. Try and plan your content around topics so clients will want to come back to learn more with positive anticipation.

Think about creating series of ‘stories’.  Here are some ideas:

  • How to correctly wash and condition your hair, with massage techniques and perhaps 5 tips to get shiny, healthy hair.
  • Give yourself a pamper session at home. Suggest key products, how long to leave on treatments and even perhaps your favourite candles or relaxing Spotify playlist.
  • Give styling tips to manage ‘growing out’ looks with the best products to use for control, volume, sleekness, curl control or texture.
  • Invite them to share their hair looks with you.
  • Give ideas to hide roots and use hashtags such as #shareyourroots #saveyourroots or #hideyourroots
  • Feature different products such as dry shampoo and explain usage
  • Think about doing Facebook or Instagram LIVE sessions where you can involve members of your team – talking about hair care and consider inviting clients to ask questions

Ideally plan for a month in advance. We realise this might not be easy at the moment, but a plan can always be amended. The main thing is to have one in the first place!

On Facebook, if you just have a page, you might consider a closed group so you can have closer conversation without the wider public viewing. This sense of ‘belonging’ can be very positive and of course you can have one for clients and one for your team.

On Instagram, some people only follow Stories, whilst others prefer to scroll their feed and read content. Ideally, therefore have a mix of the two. Invite comments by asking questions but crucially, ensure you check for comments and reply to them all on a regular basis.

On Twitter, you can tell people what you are doing but also involve yourself in conversations.

Importantly, ensure you are using the right hashtags. These should be relevant to your business, your clients and your locality, as well as hair, hairstyles and hair colour. It’s also important to use your location and hashtag the town where your salon is located, and make sure you also follow other businesses near you. Give them a ‘shout out’ and it goes without saying you should follow your clients, so you can interact with them.

TIGI Creative Director of Social Media Content, Joel Torres, advises during this period you should ensure you continue your engagement on all social media platforms, posting inspirational quotes, pictures and funny memes and, if appropriate, tagging the clients. “A lot of people are having a hard time, so making them laugh can only be positive.” But, for someone who is very forward thinking when it comes to social media, Joel also advises regularly texting clients with the goal and aim of making them feel special.  And for those clients who are more adept with technology, why not organise a Facetime, Google Hangout or Zoom call to discuss their hair or just to chat as you would behind the chair.

Joel Torres, TIGI Americas Creative Director of Social Media

Wes Palmer, TIGI Educator and Social Media Expert

TIGI Educator, Wes Palmer is on the same wavelength as Joel. “When it comes to my clients, to be honest I send regular texts, make a post on Instagram most days, and leave regular ‘stuff’ on Stories.”

The most important thing is to understand what you are saying, why you are saying it and what you want to achieve, and to make the time to plan your actions.

You can be sure your clients will appreciate information, ideas, inspiration and your friendship. And remember, staying connected is as important for them as it is for you.


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