TIGI’s education experts explain how you can use retailing as a way to set up your salon for future success.

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During this stressful period, we want to support you, share ideas and help you plan for the reopening of your salon and beyond that day, the future way in which you will operate your business.

Over the last few days, TIGI UK Regional Education Specialist Haley Seaward, has been talking to her fellow educators and salon owners and is keen to share with you the information and interesting ideas hairdressers across the globe have shared with her.

This week we start with Haley’s fellow UK Educator, Evie Fawzi, talking all things retail related.


After her initial training, from 2004-2008, Evie Fawzi worked as a TIGI Ambassador, as well holding a full-time position as a salon stylist. Since then she has worked full-time for TIGI and her passion for retailing led to her appointment as lead product and retail specialist.

Evie has a huge passion for TIGI brands and is highly knowledgeable in product formulations and the ingredients used with in both TIGI Copyright Care and Bed Head. In fact, you could say, she’s the ultimate TIGI product Guru, and of course, was the obvious choice to discuss key retailing concepts.

So, let’s find out what’s behind Evie’s passion for retailing and how she can help you develop your retail business.

Salon display of hair products, shampoos and conditioners, and hairdressing awards

HALEY: Why are you passionate about retail?

EVIE: Ever since my time working in the salon I always had a huge passion for hair products. I feel they are (vital) additional tools every hairdresser must have in their hairdressing kit. As far as I’m concerned, using the correct products completes the total look – complimenting the colour, cut and style and beyond that, products are also an integral part of a client maintenance regime. Hairdressers are always asked; “Why can’t I do my hair the way you do at home?” Well products are the simple answer. Your tools and your products are your key drivers to enable clients to follow the hair journey you created for them. You just have to explain this simple fact and show them how to recreate the look.

HALEY: What are the qualities needed to be a good salon retailer?

EVIE: Firstly, it might sound obvious, but you need to have really thorough product knowledge and you must believe in your brands. Clients today do their research and are informed, so you need to be able to answer their questions. Secondly, and this probably sounds even more obvious, you must use the products in the salon, on every client, to drive your passion and start the conversation.

You should always start your ‘sale’ with a thorough consultation, a detailed recommendation of the products they need to maintain their style, and the correct language to close the sale. This process is vital with every client. Consistency in driving the same service culture for every client will guarantee your salon wins.

Successful retailing will be easier if you have a dedicated retail area to show off the brand and entice sales, and remember, understanding the value retailing brings to your business and the value it adds to your client service will lead to greater success.

HALEY: Can you sum up in 5 points why retailing is key to a salon business?


1. Credibility – Clients will appreciate your knowledge.

2. Professionalism – Clients will believe in what you believe in.

3. Client Engagement – Clients are interested in themselves and their hair and will welcome information.

4. Client Loyalty – Powerful retailing shows you care about your clients individual needs. Personalised and bespoke hair care packages make clients feel they are being ‘looked after’. This boosts client loyalty and retention.

5. Profit – Retailing is a great business driver.

HALEY: How can salons create an environment that provides many opportunities for a client to purchase products?

EVIE: A stylist should have numerous opportunities to give product recommendations during a client’s salon appointment. It all starts at the consultation, finding out the client’s specific hair needs and their individual vision for their hair.

The sale should begin at the back bar. This is your first step in retailing: Talk about the chosen shampoo, conditioner, treatment and use of tools i.e. a wide, toothed comb. You now have the opportunity to explain the benefits of your chosen regime. There are three key benefits to engage the client. I like using FAB: Features, Attributes and Benefits, when talking through the merits of each product.

Once the initial back bar service is complete, always take all the products used to the styling station so the client can engage with the chosen products. This is a key factor in successful retailing. Once a client has touched, held and experienced the product they will be more inclined to purchase.

At the styling station you have further opportunities to promote tools, i.e. the hairdryer they will need to dry their hair, and also talk about the tools they currently use. If they are not using tools here is an opportunity to show the benefits. (Note it is always good to have tools to purchase in your retail area). Explain why you use specific combs and brushes and further explain why your client (and every client) needs these to recreate their look at home.

Now comes the vital products. It’s crucial to explain how and why you use each product to create their look, using the FAB approach (features, attributes, benefits). Explain, how to create and finish the look, and why you’ve chosen the specific products.

HALEY: So many stylists shy away from retailing. How can we take the fear out of selling?

EVIE: Do not be scared of the “NO”! This is a must. Do not take it personally when a client doesn’t purchase. Maintain your confidence and remember, you have planted the ‘recommendation seed’.

Try and avoid the word ‘sell’ when talking to, and training your team. You are recommending a product to complement your work and that is part of the professional service you are providing. Remember your clients are your walking advert.

It is key to be consistent with every client. At the end of each client’s appointment always ask “Did you want to take any of the products today?”

HALEY: How can stylists break away from old habits?


  1. Get yourself out of your comfort zone
  2. Know your product ranges.
  3. Believe in your products.
  4. Make sure all your team uses the products and experiments with their usage.
  5. Don’t just stick to your favourites. Your selected products have to be essential to that client’s hair fabric. Using the same products all the time won’t get your clients to change their purchasing patterns.
  6. Make use of, and recommend, treatments. Don’t just go to that old way of using them as a time saver! A treatment should be about a pampering experience to improve the client’s hair condition and appearance.
  7. It’s all about: Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. Every client should experience the same Journey.

HALEY: In this current climate do you have any advice as to how we can take care of our clients?

EVIE: Keep communicating with your customers, show them little videos with styling hints. Including ways to style and clip fringes that are too long, and how to create different partings to hide regrowth.

Show how to use stylish hair accessories with information on how to buy products online.

Send little recommendation cards to your clients for future purchases of the Bed Head or Copyright Care range.

If you are able to go to your salon or if you have your stock at home, arrange care packages of products that can be collected by the client, delivered by you, (ensuring you maintain social distancing) or mailed.

Do you have a question about retailing? Speak to your TIGI representative or contact our team.

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