Akos Bodi shows how to style the season's hottest haircut in five ways your clients will love.

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These days, many clients are looking for hairstyles that offer the versatility to work with their lifestyle, as well as giving them the power to interpret fashion in different ways, from casual looks to full-on glam.

Our social lives might have been curtailed for much of this year but as we begin to take small steps towards leaving our homes and doing more than a drink over Zoom, you can be sure your clients will welcome every opportunity to dress up, and that also means doing their hair.

So why not find out what your clients would like to do with their hair between salon visits? Give them styling tips and ideas, as well as recommending suitable products to achieve different finishes.

The mid-length bob can be adapted to suit any client’s style

We asked Akos Bodi, TIGI European Creative Director, to talk through five styling ideas for one of the biggest hair trends this year: the mid-length textured bob. Here, he shares different style ideas for this versatile cut, with styling tips you can share with your clients.

Akos’s chosen model has hair with a natural texture. To achieve the shape and perfect the look, he suggests products you could use.


For his first style, Akos wanted to create a waved finish, enhancing the natural texture, as well as achieving more volume and giving the hair definition. Using a diffuser nozzle on the hairdryer, Akos pushed the hair into shape and used his hands to mould the waves. He wrapped chunky sections around his fingers to give further movement and create shape. Once completely dry he used a large curl wand to define the waves further before blasting the hair on a slow speed and cool air setting. This gave the hair a natural, organic feeling. Finally, to retain the shape, he spritzed the hair with finishing spray for style longevity.


For this look, Akos took inspiration from the ’60s. “This is a fun style that’s youthful and chic, working equally well for casual or dressed-up looks” he says. To recreate this finish, Akos recommends using a large round brush and power drying the hair. The goal is to obtain lift at the roots and a smooth cuticle for a shiny, healthy finish. Akos worked from the top of the head downwards towards the nape, clipping up each section until the hair completely cooled to achieve maximum root lift.


Sleek and sophisticated, Akos created this straight style for a strong, dramatic look. He first prepped the hair with products to encourage sleekness and shine. Next, he dried the hair using a paddle brush, starting at the nape and working section by section, horizontally, upwards to the crown. Power drying ensured the finish was sleek from the roots to the ends. Akos suggests, “For further smoothness, go over the hair with flat irons for a completely sleek finish.”


For his next look, Akos utilised the model’s natural curl. “To achieve this look, the most important thing is to avoid touching or agitating the hair as it dries” he explains. After towel drying, he applied a curl cream and combed through the hair. Starting from the bottom, he worked upwards, coiling small sections around his fingers to achieve definition, before blow-drying the hair using a diffuser and curling the hair towards the face. When the hair was completely dry, he removed the diffuser and blasted hair on a slow-setting to give a natural separation. Akos used a small curling wand to eliminate any frizz and give additional definition to the curls. To finish, Akos used a cocktail of products to add shine and help hair fight humidity.


Akos’s final look takes volume to the next level and has a high-fashion edge. He created body at the crown and gave a low side-parting before tucking the hair behind the ears and using hair accessories to add a bit of extra glamour. 



Your clients will thank you for sharing your ideas to give them optional ways to wear their hairstyles. Even though the current salon journey is slightly different from what they are normally used to, enhancing the time they spend in your chair can add to the experience and make it more enjoyable.

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