In celebration of all things LOVE today, we celebrate our favourite working couple and where it all began.

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Anthony and Pat Mascolo’s relationship is one of the strongest and most enduring in hairdressing. The couple have worked together since the late 1970s when Pat joined Anthony’s first Art Team and quickly impressed her future husband with her amazing hairdressing skills.

Since then, the pair have created iconic imagery, an incredible number of memorable hairdressing books, hair shows across the globe and fantastic hair collections, influencing hairdressing education and inspiring generations of hairdressers for over 40 years!

It was Pat who bought Anthony his first camera, adding photography to his list of talents, and went on to buy herself a makeup kit, enabling them to create photographic images together and become more experimental. This was a pivotal moment for Pat. It wasn’t long before she decided to focus on being a makeup artist and to forge her own very successful career alongside her husband.

Over the years, Anthony and Pat’s dedication to their craft has been honoured with many awards. Anthony has received the title British Hairdresser of the Year three times and has numerous other awards to his name, but always thanks his wife for her never-ending support and the important part she places in his success.

In fact, Pat has been one constant in Anthony’s career and in the early 2000s faced with huge life changes, together they rebuilt the creative side of their careers through TIGI, opening Bed Head Studio in Battersea, South London, and the TIGI London Academy as well as developing the TIGI International Creative Team.

Next came The Library Space. When Anthony and Pat found a disused library in Battersea, South London, they saw it as the perfect place to curate their work and create a personal studio and office space. Maintaining many of the original features, the ‘Tate Library’ has evolved into The Library Space and is certainly living up to their vision.

TIGI Rockaholic Tour 2009

TIGI Mexico Show 2019

Seamlessly, the couple have attracted like-minded creatives – web designers, film-makers, photographers, graphic designers and artists. A dream to create more of his own work soon changed when Anthony realised his long-held philosophy of sharing ideas and promoting new talent could be once again utilised.

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Japan Hair Awards 2019

Infringe was born and is yet another example of their joint creative power.  Initially the concept behind Infringe was to provide the pair with an outlet for artistic projects, but this quickly switched to enabling other creatives an outlet for their own original and bespoke material, with commissioned photo-essays, fashion editorials, artworks and interviews curated by Anthony and Pat. Infringe truly represents the couple’s vision to elevate hair to the status of art form, and celebrates hair’s place in our everyday lives. political and social significance.

There is no doubt their work has always crossed into their home life, as neither can switch-off their creative minds very easily, but nowadays they regularly take time out for holidays and relaxation.

Anthony and Pat’s success is based on huge mutual respect, a joint desire to share their knowledge and inspiration, creative drive and perhaps most important of all, strong family values.