Transformation is at the heart of TIGI Copyright's new initiative 'You Can Always Start Over'. Go behind the scenes with brand ambassador, Andrew Fitzsimons.

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Hairdressers have a unique role in supporting clients’ inner and outer transformation journeys. A relationship based on mutual trust is crucial to helping them realise their goals and vision. TIGI Copyright has created an initiative that celebrates the role of hair and beauty professionals in championing acceptance, confidence, passion, self-expression and creativity in their communities.

Through the brand’s You Can Always Start Over campaign, they recognise exceptional individuals who have started over in their lives, who inspire others with their strength, passion, and purpose, and who give back to their community. And we applaud the role of hairdressers who boost their clients’ confidence through their transformation journeys.

With each story, launching later in 2020, TIGI Copyright worked with inspiring clients and influential hairstylists with personal connections to causes important to our community or hairdressers and clients.

I think the idea of starting over, it's a new opportunity to do better. And I think people should not be afraid of that.

Mariana Marroquin


The first transformation story of the initiative was launched in the US with celebrated hairdresser and TIGI Copyright partner, Andrew Fitzsimons, and his client Mariana Marroquin, Program Manager of The Trans Wellness Center in Los Angeles, California.

Celebrating change, Andrew, Mariana, and TIGI US Technical Education Director, Renee Valerie, revealed Mariana’s transformation story through a launch event at the TIGI Academy in New York City.

At the event, Andrew explained his thoughts on ‘starting over’: “I think a lot of the time a new look is a signifier of a rebirth in a way, of a new chapter of your life.”

Mariana added: “I think the idea of starting over, it’s a new opportunity to do better. I think it’s a new opportunity to reinvent yourself. And I think people should not be afraid of that. I think if you have a bad day, then there is tomorrow.”

Filmed in the BTC House in Los Angeles, California, in October 2019, take a look behind the scenes with Andrew, Mariana and TIGI Technical Education Director Renee Valerie, captured by the Behind The Chair team.

Check out the full story of Andrew & Mariana on the TIGI Copyright IGTV and find out more at www.tigi.com

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