Merging futuristic fashion, technology, and awesome hair, the finale presentation at the #WeAreOneTIGI European Convention was a celebration of the TIGI Team's innovative approach to creativity.

Always expect to be amazed by creativity when Anthony Mascolo leads his team to push their own ideas to the limit. The #WeAreOneTIGI European Convention saw an incredible presentation of seven models from Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI International Creative Team, that thrilled the audience.

Entitled Sculpture: The Art of the Human Form, the finale presentation began with four models in white wigs, each showing different shapes and textures. Each model was dressed in Jiv D’s hand-made designer collection, with individually crafted futuristic hairstyles.

These models were followed by a further three whose hair had been created with black and metallic pieces. Wearing robotic armour, each model had a computer terminal ‘back pack’ that controlled their robotic body and face masks, designed and created by Chris Fernandes, the tech whizz who masterminded INFRINGE and TIGI Fuse. The futuristic outfits lit up against the dark stage, displaying visuals of beating hearts, mechanical cogs, and skeletons.

See all of the highlights from the TIGI European Convention 2019.

  • Hair Styling: Anthony Mascolo   /  
  • Akos Bodi   /  
  • Thomas Osborn   /  
  • Maria Kovacs   /  
  • Gen Itoh   /  
  • Piero Gentile   /  
  • Josh Mascolo   /  
  • Colour: Christel Lundqvist   /  
  • Warren Boodaghians   /  
  • Kerrie O'Reilly   /  
  • Photography: Alex Barron-Hough   /  
  • Make-up: Pat Mascolo
  • Amy Barrington
  • Fashion Styling & Original Pieces: Jiv D   /