The TIGI New York team take inspiration from Saint Laurent and the iconic 1980s' work of Anthony Mascolo to create the latest Total Concept collection.

At last week’s TIGI Total Concept course in New York, Thomas Osborn and Philip Downing were working with the winners of the 2019 TIGI LATAM Photographic Awards, creating a collection of looks captured by TIGI photographer, Alex Barron-Hough.

Referencing some of the earlier collections of Anthony Mascolo, such as his striking Silhouette Collection from the 1980s, as well as Anthony’s own inspiration: fashion photographer, Helmut Newton; the Total Concept looks have been photographed in high contrast, with a sense of simplicity achieved through the lighting effects. The focus was very much on the hair, allowing the hair textures and cuts tell the story.

When it came to the fashion styling and makeup, the overall feeling referenced campaigns by Saint Laurent, with strong shapes and high intensity. The result was definitely a ‘Total Concept’.

The hair stylists working on the Total Concept looks were:

Textured Crop
Teudy Amador, Ana Belen, Eduardo Mathew, Veronica Dianis and Johnathan Crespo

Round Layers
Barbara Nunez, Sheila DaSilva, Ruben Ignacio, Hugo Fabila and Lilianith Gonzalez

Texture and Braids
Antonio Negrelli, Marliz Aguilera, Sofia Cruz, Nayade Campos and Martin Moretti

Waves and Knots
Kathy Caviedes, Antonio Fabila, Omar Santiago, Miriam Soto and Ricardo Moreti

Men’s Grooming
Roger Garcia, Veronica Catalan, Yece Uceda, Yamilet Mori and Barbara Arancibia

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  • Hair: Thomas Osborn   /  
  • Philip Downing   /  
  • Adriana Papaleo   /  
  • Joel Torres   /  
  • Richy Kandasamy   /  
  • Renee Valerie   /  
  • Brian Adelman   /  
  • Christopher Catanese   /  
  • Ivan Rico   /  
  • Barbara Nunez   /  
  • Omar Santiago   /  
  • Ruben Ignacio   /  
  • Sofia Cruz   /  
  • Martin Moretti   /  
  • Photography: Alex Barron-Hough   /  
  • Make-up : Julie Ayala   /  
  • Styling: Renata Gar   /