Gen Itoh and Andy Cheong talk us through their total hair transformation.

Who doesn’t love to see a total hair transformation! Especially when it is the full works: new colour and new haircut. In our latest Transformation Tuesday, TIGI APAC Creative Director, Gen Itoh, and TIGI Technical Educator, Andy Cheong, share one of their favourite hair restyles. Together, they take their model from brunette to peach coral, and from long and shapeless to a modern textured crop haircut.


To start, Gen and Andy carried out a consultation to discuss their client’s aims and direction for the cut and colour.

“The model had a lot of hair and was looking for a drastic change” explains Gen. “We agreed that we wanted to keep the haircut feminine but sharp and modern.”

“The model had wavy hair with a natural level of 3/0 Dark Brown hair colour,” explains Andy. “She had a warm complexion so, after pre-lightening her hair, I chose a Colour Placement Technique to take her to the desired peachy coral.”


  1. Pre-lighten the mid-lengths and ends with TIGI Copyright Colour True Light White, using a 1:1 mixing ratio with Activator 30vol/9%. Process for 20 minutes.
  2. Apply True Light White with 20vol/6% on the root area and process for additional 20 minutes until a level 8 is achieved.
  3. Shampoo hair with TIGI Copyright Repair Shampoo. Towel dry and apply  SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment for 5 minutes.
  4. Thoroughly rinse, and shampoo with TIGI Copyright Repair Shampoo.
  5. Towel dry, and apply Formula 1 to the root area, and then straight through the mid-lengths and ends. Process for 20 minutes.
  6. Rinse, and shampoo with TIGI Copyright Colour Shampoo followed by Repair Conditioner.

Formula 1

50g Gloss 10/03
+ 10g Gloss 66/65
+ 90g Activator 5vol/1.5%


  1. Apply Multi Tasking Styling Cream through towel dried hair.
  2. Take a horseshoe section to separate the top from underneath areas.
  3. Starting at the sides, work with slight diagonal sections. Eliminate weight while maintaining a soft perimeter using a razor. Build weight to the centre back by using over direction.
  4. Release the top and take a radial division. Take a horizontal section at the fringe area to disconnect from the top by maintaining length at the front.
  5. At the crown, work with pivoting sections and connect the layers to the underneath area.
  6. Work with horizontal sections in front of the radial parting.
  7. Within the fringe, take a central vertical section and cut short to long, visually following the guide from top section. Over direct the remaining sections to the centre to complete the front.
  8. Apply Split End Repair Cream and blow-dry straight.
  9. Use slicing and deep parallel point cutting techniques to remove weight and some length.
  10. Mix Creamy Finishing Wax with Colour Lustre Oil and visually add texture. Apply Maximum Hold Hairspray to hold.

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