In celebration of her recent birthday, as well as World Earth Day, Fuse looks back at some of TIGI's favourite collaborations with the punk Queen of Eco.

During a week when we celebrate World Earth Day, we thought it would be good to give space to one of Anthony and Pat Mascolo’s favourite British fashion designers, the eco warrior, Dame Vivienne Westwood, who just happens to be a ‘neighbour’ of Bed Head Studio and who celebrated her 79th birthday last weekend.

Over the years there have been several collaborations between TIGI and Westwood, including a special showing in 2011 of her documentary ‘Vivienne Westwood’s London’. But since the 1990s, Anthony has used Vivienne Westwood clothes as inspiration for some of his most lauded Avant Garde photographic collections and as fantasy sections in many global hair shows.

Rule Britannia! Westwood styling at TIGI World Release, London 2013

Vivienne Westwood  first rose to fame as the person who almost single-handedly made modern  punkd new wav e fashion mainstream, making the clothes for Malcolm McLaren’s Chelsea boutique, SEX. The couple’s ability to fuse fashion and music was significant in shaping the 1970s’ UK punk scene, which was dominated by the band McLaren managed, the  Sex Pistols.

Vivienne went on to global fame, both as a designer using traditional British fabrics as well as selling a wide range of merchandise, some of which she linked to her many political causes including Climate Change.

It was in 2007 Vivienne Westwood became an active spokesperson against what she called the ‘drug of consumerism’ and when taunted that anti-consumerism and fashion contradict each other, she famously said: “I don’t feel comfortable defending my clothes. But if you’ve got the money to afford them, then buy something from me. Just don’t buy too much.” Her mantra became “Buy less, choose well, make it last.” Using slogans to put her point across, she has used fashion as the medium to broadcast her beliefs and has said: “Every time I do a fashion show, it’s an excuse to talk about climate change.”

Her message is: “Don’t keep buying”. Perhaps we need to listen to her voice.


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  • Hair: TIGI Creative Team
  • Photography: Anthony Mascolo   /  
  • Alex Barron-Hough   /  
  • Roberto Aguilar   /  
  • Make-up: Pat Mascolo
  • Fashion Styling: Jiv D   /