TIGI Founder, Anthony Mascolo, explains the idea behind his latest creative concept.

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The idea for TIGI FUSE was sparked by my work on the magazine, Infringe. At TIGI, we have so much content to share but we believe we’re the best kept secret with most of our work. TIGI FUSE allows us to share all that we do, from films, behind the scenes, step by steps, and the people behind TIGI. It also lets us showcase the fantastic work of the people that work with us, and in the industry as a whole.

TIGI FUSE has a strong future, where we can work with our partners globally, helping them to share their work and their vision.

In today’s digital world, information is so quick and we need to stay on top of getting it out. TIGI FUSE is the perfect platform for us to do that.