TIGI US Technical Director, Renee Valerie, shares her tips for identifying a Gloss client, and the best colour services to offer.

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TIGI Fuse asked Renee Valerie, TIGI US Technical Education Director, to unveil her key to identifying TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss clients. So when you are rushing from a client to another, you have a check list of what to search for, to better understand their drivers and the language they expect you to use.

FUSE: How would you describe a hair glossing service to a client?

RENEE: A glossing service can be used for multiple reasons. Either to tone after a lightening service to darken or change tone with a low commitment result. I always explain to clients that their hair will feel healthier and look shinier on top of achieving the desired colour.

FUSE: What words or phrases do clients use during consultation that indicates they are the perfect client for Gloss?

RENEE: Gloss clients will usually ask for a low commitment colour. They’ll also be looking for shiny, healthy-looking hair, with richness and multi-dimensional tones.

FUSE: What does TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss do to your client’s hair structure?

RENEE: On top of depositing the desired colour, it also helps to smooth out the cuticle which helps to maintain the integrity of the hair.

FUSE: What do your clients love the most about TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss?

RENEE: The conditioning benefit of Gloss is the number one thing my clients notice after a service. Their hair is left looking healthier and shinier, which they absolutely love!

FUSE: What services would you recommend to increase the frequency of Gloss clients’ visits?

RENEE: There are a few ways to increase the salon visits of Gloss clients.

  1. Toning services for balayage clients are a great way to refresh their tone and improve their hair condition between lightening services.
  2. Non-pigmented hair blending services are also a way to improve visit frequency for non-pigmented hair clients.
  3. TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss can also be used to refresh brunettes and redheads, adding dimension and richness to their colour.
  4. Last but not least, salons should also offer tonal shift services for Gloss clients.

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