What do you enjoy most about creating content?

When you’re on a shoot and you’re viewing the images you’re creating through the day, it just gets you and those around you super pumped. When I look at the images after, at the end of the day, I just love to see the end result. I think when you do your own work, you probably love it that much more because you know just how much graft has gone into it.

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Why do you think it's important for hairdressers to create content?

Creating content is one of the biggest things that any brand or individual is doing right now. With social media, individuals have to create content all day, every day. I try to take photos all the time, of the interiors of my salons, of my studio and of my clients. For me, it’s not all about the financial reward, it’s about the creative content. It’s about that internal drive that keeps me motivated.

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What advice would you give to hairdressers that want to start shooting their work?

My best advice for any hairdresser that wants to start photographic work and build a portfolio is to first tap into your analogue network. Look at the people you know to help you start building up your work and create your haidressing content ideas. Then after that, you can go digitally and branch out. Find someone that inspires you online; they might be huge but they might say “you know what, I like what they’re doing”.

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Why are the photographic hairdressing awards important?

It’s really good to go through the process of entering hairdressing photographic competitions. From doing awards, you can get much more exposure. It puts you on a pedestal in the industry and gives you recognition. That makes brands want to start working with you, which is obviously ****ing great! It also pushes you harder; the younger hairdressers want to be the next ones winning awards so you have to keep progressing. It’s that snowball effect that keeps the industry moving forwards.

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