At TIGI, we are passionate about elevating the hair industry and supporting young people with the skills, training and knowledge to succeed. So, when British Hairdresser of the Year, Sally Brooks, released a documentary that celebrated hairdressers and the wonderful industry we work in, we couldn’t wait to see it.

Featuring insights from key people in the industry, including TIGI Global Creative Technical Director, Christel Lundqvist, Sally explores the range of opportunities available in hairdressing, as well as looking at its place in society and challenging the misconceptions of the hair profession.

Journey To My Destination Poster


The documentary highlights how society focuses on traditional ideas of intelligence, like being good at maths or science, but has forgotten about the importance of creativity and those who bring ideas to life with their hands. Careers like hairdressing.

In this film, Sally explains why hairdressing isn’t a ‘second-best’ career; but actually a choice full of opportunity, with the ability to grow and change with you throughout your life. Along with videographer (and barber) Gabriel Maciuca, Sally takes us through the possibilities this exciting profession offers, and why to become a hairdresser requires just as much hard work, training and graft as any other career.

"“If you follow your heart and your passion, you can achieve
anything you want, and become the artist you want to be.”
Sally Brooks


With hairdressing topping the list of the happiest industries to work in and with the great hairdressing apprenticeships available, it really is a career worth exploring. The film shows the vast scope you have when choosing hairdressing as your career. What other career can offer you opportunities as varied as setting up your own business, creating trends and even travelling the world? With your innate talents, the right mentor and lots of hard work, it could be the career for you.

The Journey to My Destination is available to watch in full on Amazon Prime.

For further information or to order the DVD, visit thejourneytomydestination.com