Anthony & Joshua Mascolo with Antonio and Kirsten Favaro
Anthony & Joshua Mascolo with Antonio & Kristen Favaro

In early April, Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI Creative Team attended the launch of the first flagship TIGI Copyright Concept salon: Fuga Centro Salon and Spa, in downtown Chicago, USA. Conveniently situated on the edge of Millennium Park, Fuga Centro boasts a 3,100 square foot location offering exclusive TIGI Copyright custom treatments.

Fuga salon, Chicago

Fuga owner and Artistic Director, Antonio Favaro, is well-known in the global hairdressing industry, having worked with icons such as Dessange, Vidal Sassoon, Llongueras and Sanrizz. He remains at the forefront of his profession, working and educating other stylists through the Academia Fuga. Antonio’s family, like Anthony Mascolo, originates from the South of Italy and he continues to collaborate with his hairdressing peers in Italy, bringing the newest trends and techniques to America.

“Creativity, innovation, education - this is the TIGI culture. To be a part of this family, is motivating, and it's the reason Fuga is so enthusiastic about this collaboration.”
Antonio Favaro

Also in attendance at the concept salon’s launch was Mark Bleathman, TIGI Global President, and Elisa Fischer, General Manager of TIGI Americas & APAC, who welcomed Antonio Favaro and the Fuga team into the TIGI Copyright family. “We are thrilled to introduce Copyright in Chicago with Salon Fuga. The salon’s deep rooted belief in ongoing education, best in class service, tremendously talented team and spectacular location make it the perfect partner for TIGI in this vibrant salon market” said Elisa.

“Creativity, innovation, education – this is the TIGI culture. To be a part of this family, is motivating, and it’s the reason Fuga is so enthusiastic about this collaboration,” says Fuga Centro Salon owner and Artistic Director, Favaro.


Fuga team with TIGI Global President, Mark Bleathman, TIGI Americas General Manager, Elisa Fischer, & TIGI US Technical Education Director, Renee Valerie

Fuga Centro Salon & Spa is at 8 S Michigan Avenue, Suite 200 Chicago, IL 60603, USA. www.salonfuga.com

Find out how you can stock TIGI Copyright in your salon or discover more about the Copyright care and styling range at tigi.com/copyright