2018_12_17_TIGI_UKI_ONE_LOVE_Maria Kovacs_1062
2018_12_17_TIGI_UKI_ONE_LOVE_Maria Kovacs_1062

Born and raised in Sydney, Maria was part of Anthony’s Australian Art Team for several years before she moved to London, where she become a critical part of the TIGI Creative Team. As TIGI European Session Director, Maria leads shows at European fashion weeks and mentors the TIGI Session Team.

With her strong knowledge of emerging fashions, Maria creates seasonal trend reports that are circulated to salons and beauty press. Based in the TIGI European Academy, Maria has developed a global TIGI Session Course inspires hairdressers to understand and translate what they see on the catwalk into desirable, wearable styles for salon clients.


What was the moment when you decided to become a hairdresser?

Only I could start a career this way! It was a crazy bet… my friends bet me that I couldn’t get a job as a hairdresser, so of course I did it and found I’d entered the world I wanted to be in!

Where do you find inspiration?

I try to see beauty in most things and I believe very firmly that if you look, there is always inspiration around us – you just have to find it.

If you’re not at a show or travelling, what’s your idea of the perfect weekend off?

My perfect weekend is very simple: I like to be at home cooking for my family and friends.

What song would be played at your funeral?

As long as it’s Motown, I’d be happy!

What’s your favourite cut you’ve ever created?

My favourite cut just has to be the first square layer I ever completed as an assistant. I couldn’t believe I’d actually made a shape. It was magic!