15 years ago, Anthony Mascolo founded TIGI Inspirational Youth to give young hairdressers opportunity. Anthony knows the support he received from his brothers played a crucial part in his future success and wanted to provide talented young hairdressers support on their personal career journey. This is how TIGI Inspirational Youth was born.

TIGI Inspirational Youth is a mentorship programme taking young hairdressers on a life-changing voyage to develop their creativity and talent. Many former team members have gone on to be very successful in the global hairdressing industry, recognised and respected by their peers as session stylists, educators and salon owners.


In November, the 2018 TIGI Inspirational Youth Team showed their skills and creativity at an intimate hair show in London’s Café de Paris.  The show marked the end of an intense journey the 10 members had experienced with their hairdressing mentors from the TIGI Creative Team: Akos Bodi, Christel Lundqvist, Warren Boodaghians, Kerrie O’Reilly, Maria Kovacs, John Harte, Joshua Mascolo and Piero Gentile. They also benefitted from the skills of TIGI Show Director, Mike Esa and TIGI Casting Director, Annette Russell.

The Team’s exclusive week-long Bootcamp ended with a photographic shoot. Shot at Bed Head Studio by TIGI in-house photographer, Alex Barron-Hough, the TIGI Inspirational Youth 2018 collection perfectly illustrates the elevated creative skills achieved by the team members and is the high-spot of their week.

The TIGI Inspirational Youth show is the culmination of their intense experience, enhancing skills in classic and advanced cut and colouring, session styling, future fashion forecasting, presentation skills, model casting and styling for photography.  It is also the beginning of the next step in their career journeys.

Meet the 10 talented members of the 2018 TIGI Inspirational Youth team.

2018_07_10_TIGI_IYUK_AssesmentDay_Portraits_Rebecca Stradling_0097
Rebecca Stradling, Molby’s
2018_07_10_TIGI_IYUK_AssesmentDay_Portraits_Rebecca McKay_0092
Rebecca McKay, Andrew Collinge
2018_07_10_TIGI_IYUK_AssesmentDay_Portraits_Megan Nicholls_0105
Megan Nicholls, Inkfish
2018_07_10_TIGI_IYUK_AssesmentDay_Portraits_Marc Hensman_256
Marc Hensman, Mesart
2018_07_10_TIGI_IYUK_AssesmentDay_Portraits_Dana Hoek_0136
Dana Hoek, Regis
2018_07_10_TIGI_IYUK_AssesmentDay_Portraits_Claire Thorpe_0174
Claire Thorpe, Scots
2018_07_10_TIGI_IYUK_AssesmentDay_Portraits_Amy Lynn_0200
Amy Lynn, Bad Apple
2018_07_10_TIGI_IYUK_AssesmentDay_Portraits_Adam West_0037
Adam West, Forresters


  • Photography: Alex Barron-Hough   /