Watch the first episode in the new series from Anthony Mascolo, with his guest, hairdressing icon Tony Rizzo.
Salon owner, Susan Grant, explains how she has created a totally sustainable salon, from construction to community.
Salon business expert, Jen Planck, speaks to TIGI Fuse on life in lockdown, team communication, and plans for reopening.
Fuse speaks to barber and men's mental health campaigner, Tom Chapman, on founding his charity and how to look after wellbeing.
As many hairdressers face a new way of working from home, Fuse speaks to educator Lucy Hicks on week 2 of her self-isolation.
Salon-owner and TIGI Educator, Florian Henry, invites us into his unique French hair salon, Onze. 
The relationship between hairdressers and their clients is a special thing. Fuse explores one salon’s story.
Anthony Mascolo speaks with Gianni D'Assero about his hairdressing career success and his role in the German TIGI Creative Team.
TIGI photographers, Alex Barron-Hough and Mauro Carraro, share their top tips for creating a successful photographic collection for your salon.
How did hairdressers in Germany, Austria and the USA find their first week back in business?
Hairdresser, Peter Collinge OBE, father of Andrew Collinge, passes away at 92.
TIGI Fuse Sessions: delivering inspiration, education and live conversation each week. Catch-up on last week's chats with the TIGI Creative Team.
“Staying positive doesn't mean you have to be happy all the time. It means that even on hard days you know there are better ones coming"
Colourist Laura Picchi shares her top tips for hairdressers adapting to life at home.
In celebration of all things LOVE today, we celebrate our favourite working couple and where it all began.
Located in Hackney, East London Mie Mani is a stunning salon, oozing artistry and style. 
Fuse speaks with multi-award winning colourist Gina Khan about her business success, inspiration, and love for TIGI Copyright.
Transformation is at the heart of TIGI Copyright's new initiative 'You Can Always Start Over'. Go behind the scenes with brand ambassador, Andrew Fitzsimons.
Like many hairdressers across the world, the TIGI Creative Team is working from home and trying to stay inspired. They share their stories from week 7.
On mentorship, friendship and a joint obsession for imagery through hair.
Fuse explores how hairdressers can use and embrace social media as a tool for client communication.
TIGI European Creative Director, Akos Bodi shares his tips for at-home haircare, client communication, and adjusting to life at home.
Fuse asks Anthony: what is inspiring you this month?
Fuse talks to couples who are wedded to each other, not only in life, but also at work.
Forresters' latest photographic collection champions individuality and self-expression, and great hair.
Annette Russell, TIGI Casting Director, shares her advice and tips for selecting the right models for your next salon photo shoot.
The F&M creative team pays homage to their Scottish roots with their collection, FRAE.

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