Salon owner, stylist and motivational speaker, Jen Planck is a passionate and inspirational leader in the US hair and beauty profession.

Her signature message that ‘everyone has equal value: the more you help others, the more you receive in return’ has never been more true. In this exclusive interview with TIGI Fuse, Jen gives an insight into what she is doing with her own team right now and how she is preparing to return to business.

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FUSE: How long has your salon been closed now?

JEN: My salon has been closed since March 13th.

FUSE: Since you’ve closed what have you done to keep the morale of your team high?

JEN: We’ve done Zoom huddles every Monday, and then on Friday we have Quarantini Hour together on Zoom to check in with everyone. We’ve also been giving them technical skills to practice while at home.

FUSE: How are you connecting with your team and what are you doing in terms of meetings and training and how much time do you devote to this each day/week?

JEN: I’m using social media and Zoom every day, all day, both as a salon own and a teacher. I’ve also been doing a bunch of 1 on 1 FaceTime sessions.

FUSE: Do you have any words of wisdom for salon owners to help them review what they are doing with their teams now?

JEN: Just remember to be yourself. Be your awesome, normal leader self, but just do it using a different platform. Make sure to check-in more. We have to be intentional in reaching out to our teams right now, since we cannot physically see them throughout the day in the salon.

FUSE: Are you in regular contact with your clientele? What kind of things are you doing, both to keep your salon in the forefront of their minds and also supporting them with managing their hair at home?

JEN: Lacey, my business partner, has been calling all of our clients each week to update them on the status of our business and to check in with them to see how they are doing. Most of our clients aren’t worried about their hair, they care more about how we are doing! We also use that time to connect with them on what their retail order is.

"We have to be intentional in reaching out to our teams right now, since we cannot physically see them throughout the day in the salon."
Jen Planck

FUSE: What advice would you give to other salon owners on retaining their clients during this period?

JEN: Stay in touch! You can have your team do tutorials on their favourite products, offer tips for them at home and, at the same time, it’s a fun activity for your staff to do. You can also host a beauty bash on Zoom: invite all of your clients to check in with each other, and ask them to share what their at-home beauty hacks are too. And of course, use social media!

FUSE: How are you keeping positive?

JEN: I really have utilised most of my time to help others. I have been fighting alongside Kristin Snyder to get us included in the Relief Bill, writing to every governor in the US, as well as writing to the White House. We created a template of what dialogue salon owners can use when speaking to their government representatives. And then, once we got Beauty included in the bill, I started to focus on 1 on 1 FaceTime calls with beauty professionals to help them stabilise. Right now, I’m focusing on developing tools, promotions and techniques to get salons ready for the best comeback ever. I’m also finding time for planting in my garden and hanging out with my fur baby.

FUSE: When you don’t feel in a good head space, it’s hard to be creative; have you found any solutions or ways to maintain your creativity?

JEN: I go outside a lot now. At least once a day, I go outside and see what is happening in nature. I’m just being more appreciative of how nature continues to grow and move, and comes back to life. We are all going to grow out of this, and live beauty will come back because if nature can do it, we can do it.

"Take the time to look at what has worked well and fine tune the areas that need it, and look at where you need a refresh."
Jen Planck

FUSE: Are you preparing for your reopening? If so, what ideas do you have to ensure your team come back positive and your clients are reassured and excited to see you?

JEN: We’re so excited to reopen, we can’t wait! We’re preparing for change. I don’t believe that we’re going to be able to go back to the salon in the same way. We’re getting ready to have to follow new guidelines. We’ve also stepped back and really looked at every process that we have been utilising, and asked ourselves if we were getting the maximum results out it. If we aren’t, then what are the changes we need to make and if we are, how do we make sure it doesn’t get stale.

We’re also working on speed with our team and having them improve their timing on our basic services. We’re then looking at promotions and how we are going to open with strong marketing to drive our retail strategy when we open back up. We’re coming back with a brand-new retail game so that every client leaves our salon with a product in their hand.

FUSE: Do you have any advice to offer other salon owners who are trying to work out what they should do when they reopen?

JEN: Take the time to look at what has worked well and fine tune the areas that need it, and look at where you need a refresh. It’s also a great time to look at our notebooks of ideas from decades of classes and videos that we’ve never had the time to implement. We have the time now so make them a priority for your comeback. And of course, staying on-point with what’s trending so that you can offer your clients what they are looking for.

FUSE: What do you think you’ll do on your first day back?

JEN: I’m going to hug the first person I see. I’m going to be so excited to see my people. Getting back to live beauty is all I want to do. Then out for burrata and drinks to support our local businesses!


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