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It might be the global popularity of Netflix’s TV series ‘Stranger Things’, or the general twists and turns of trends, but it seems the much derided 70s and 80s Mullet, made famous by sportsmen, such as footballers Kevin Keegan and Maradonna, tennis player Andre Agassi, and cricketer Ian Botham, not to mention pop stars from Lionel Ritchie to George Michael (and who can forget  the king of the Mullet: Billy Ray Cyrus), is back in fashion. 

“I love a good Mullet! It brings a piece of history, linking the world of music and fashion seamlessly”
Akos Bodi

The Mullet can definitely be cool and it’s also clearly androgynous, so it makes a clear statement in our era of political correctness and freedom of choice, with its playfulness and appeal across genders. 

But hang on a minute! Did it ever go away? Is it that this new-wave (excuse the pun) Mullet is a backlash against high-maintenance? It’s definitely non-conformist and in our minds, the epitome of Bed Head styling. Seen on the catwalks over the last few seasons, it’s a trend that’s hitting the general population so ignore it at your peril! 

anthony 2015 collection
anthony 2015 collection
TIGI Academy Collection 2015
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hairdressing live 2019
Hairdressing Live 2019

“I love a good Mullet!” says Akos Bodi, TIGI European Creative Director. “It brings a piece of history, linking the world of music and fashion seamlessly together. There’s something so classic about a Mullet and, like the Bob, it can manifest itself in many ways and live through the decades in different ways.  

He continues, “I loved the Mullets worn by supermodels Edie Campbell and Veronica Vilim; together with other models brave enough to go for a chop, they’ve rocked the style in so many ways. Like everything the Mullet constantly evolves and now, with new innovative products and hair colour, the variations are endless!

So why is the Mullet a favourite TIGI Technique? 

“The vibe of a Mullet just screams Bed Head”, says Akos, “And it sits well with our styling and finishing products. Once you get hooked, and believe me, we all are, the rest is history!”  

Creating a Mullet for your clients this season? Here’s our product tips. 

Akos suggests Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day as an absolute winner in the style stakes to create body, volume and control, but also suggests Bed Head Oh-Beehive and Bed Head Headrush to take this epic look to the next level. 

Whether you love it or hate, the iconic Mullet is once again cool (for both men and women). Let’s face it, newly single Miley Cyrus has gone for the new ‘It’ style and 5-Grammy winner Billie Eilish looks great with her’s… so why not your clients?

Watch the step by steps of how to cut one of Akos’ favourite Mullets

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