Each year the ten chosen hairdressers, who together make up the TIGI Inspirational Youth Team, are given the exciting opportunity of participating in a photographic shoot at Bed Head Studio.  For many of the young hairdressers in the team, this is the first time they will have worked on a photographic collection and it can be both a nerve-wracking and exciting experience.

Preparation for the shoot begins the day before, when TIGI Casting Director, Annette Russell, leads the model casting to ensure each hairdresser gets the right model for the look they envisage.  A former model herself, Annette is able to offer invaluable experience, not to mention her excellent relationship with model agencies, making sure everyone gets the model they want.

On the day of the shoot there’s a large support team including the TIGI International Creative Team, led by European Creative Director, Akos Bodi and European Session Director, Maria Kovacs. Both have immense experience and are able to help art direct and support the young hairdressers. TIGI stylist Jiv D arrives with a huge wardrobe of the latest fashion trends, and make-up artists, Amy Barrington and Katie Moore, work frantically in the corner, ensuring every model looks flawless.

Shooting 10 models in one day is no easy task, but thankfully the TIGI Team is used to pressure. Photographer, Alex Barron-Hough, works tirelessly to make sure each hairdresser is happy with the results and also ensures the overall look is of one total collection, created by 10 individuals. In fact, that is what the TIGI Inspirational Youth Team is all about. The hairdressers arrive as individuals on the first day of their Bootcamp but leave as a tight team who have completed a journey of creative knowledge and discovery.

FINAL_2018_09_14_IY_Day5_Shoot_REBECCA McKAY_175_F4_1024_compressed
Hair by Rebecca McKay
FINAL_2018_09_14_IY_Day5_Shoot_REBECCA STRADLING_086_F3_1024_compressed
Hair by Rebecca Stradling
FINAL_2018_09_14_IY_Day5_Shoot_MEGAN NICHOLLS_180_F4_1024_compressed
Hair by Megan Nicholls
FINAL_2018_09_14_IY_Day5_Shoot_MARC HENSMAN_054_F3_1024_compressed
Hair by Marc Hensman
FINAL_2018_09_14_IY_Day5_Shoot_LESLEY FARRELL_178_F3_1024_compressed
Hair by Lesley Farrell
FINAL_2018_09_14_IY_Day5_Shoot_JASMIN DEWER_122_F3_1024_compressed
Hair by Jasmin Dewar
FINAL_2018_09_14_IY_Day5_Shoot_DANA HOEK_112_F4_1024_compressed
Hair by Dana Hoek
FINAL_2018_09_14_IY_Day5_Shoot_CLAIRE THORPE_232_F4_1024_compressed
Hair by Claire Thorpe
FINAL_2018_09_14_IY_Day5_Shoot_AMY LYNN_124_F3_1024_compressed
Hair by Amy Lynn
FINAL_2018_09_14_IY_Day5_Shoot_ADAM WEST_144_F4_1024_compressed
Hair by Adam West


  • Hair: TIGI Inspirational Youth Team
  • Photography: Alex Barron-Hough   /  
  • Make-up: Amy Barrington-Long
  • Katie Moore   /  
  • Fashion Styling: Jiv D   /