Never has it been more important than now to truly understand your clients, and never has it been more important to provide a service your clients will appreciate.

In fact, there’s no better time than now to be creative with your services and retailing, to benefit both your business and your clients.

For the time being greeting your regular client with hugs and kisses, and offering a glass of fizz, frothy coffee and the latest issue of Vogue will be off limits, so it’s time to think up different ways to make your client’s visit to your salon positive, relaxing and memorable. And when it comes to their home haircare regime, what experiences can you offer your clients to improve their hair and wellbeing?


Creating an edited service, personalised to your client, their hair and their lifestyle is likely to be even more appealing now than it was just last year.

For the last few months everyone has been shopping online even more than usual and with time on their hands your clients may well have been researching products, hair styles and colours to pass away endless hours at home. Whilst this might seem a problem, it’s a fact that consumers like ‘edits’ to limit their choice, and here is an opportunity for you to create an ‘edited service’ for each client. Like most of us, the clients that visit you in the coming months will have been feeling stressed and nervous and may have been ill. More than usual they may be focused on their wellness: the physical and mental wellbeing that comes from treating yourself well. This is where you come in.


Just because everyone’s been stuck at home, doesn’t mean they don’t care about their appearance! Of course your clients are going to be longing to come back to you, but that doesn’t mean you can relax.

Educate your team now: They need to feel confident to be back at work and need to understand the new work situation. Be understanding in your approach.  Their acceptance of the situation will create a good atmosphere in the salon and this will filter through to your clients. Be careful of the words you use and create guidelines for their consultation and communication with clients.

Start with great communication:  Ramp up your social media, contact your clients personally, explain the new procedures clearly and offer a Zoom or FaceTime consultation to pre-plan their visit.

Greet your clients in a warm and welcoming way: Even if your receptionist is behind a Perspex screen and everyone is wearing  a mask, your tone of voice and your eyes can show kindness and warmth.

Create new and special services based on wellness: Think of new messaging to sell in your services, such as treatments, based on your client’s individual profile.

Create a ‘Wellness’ package for clients to use at home

The Wellness Consultation

During the initial consultation, whether this is done virtually or in person, make sure you truly embrace the professional experience you are giving your client and carefully choose the words you use.

“Hello, I’m so happy to see you today. We know the past weeks have been really difficult and we want today’s visit to be pleasurable and relaxing, so when you leave you will both look and feel great.”

“Can I ask you how you’ve been looking after your hair and what products you’ve used?”  You could also ask how they have found looking after their hair, from problems with regrowth to styling issues.

As you analyse the client’s hair, it’s good to straight away talk about a home haircare regime by saying something like:

“After your appointment today I’d love to recommend our specially created wellness regime for you to follow until you return for your next appointment. This will include a shampoo and conditioner, treatment and styling and finishing products. We can email the Wellness Programme to you so you can treat yourself to an indulgent experience at home.”

(You can of course, give a name to the Wellness Programme to make it personal to your salon.)

Today we want the ordinary to be extraordinary, so even though there are limitations to your usual salon service, ensure your client still feels indulged. Much of this will be in the way you treat your client, but there are other ways you can achieve pleasurable sensorial touch-points from fragrant candles to beautiful flowers. Remember, safety can also be a sanctuary!


Show You Care

After their visit, send your client a text or email to ensure they had an enjoyable experience. We’re not talking about one of those data texts to ask them to comment on your Facebook page or answer a couple of questions on the experience. These are all well and good in the ‘normal’ world, but today, make this just about your client, their experience and their hair in a caring way so they can appreciate you.