Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 13.20.53
Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 13.20.53


Supporting the Alternative Hair Show is something we at TIGI hold close to our heart. Over the last 15 years we have been involved in every show, both presenting as the TIGI Creative Team and also supporting with the organisation, including photography, film-making and PR.

Monday July 29th saw the first ever Visionary Award Taiwan, at the NTU Sports Centre in Taipei, featuring the Alternative Hair Great Masters and Brand Artist presentations, sponsored by The Ripple Group. TIGI was delighted to be able to participate in this amazing event.

Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 13.25.47[1]
Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 13.25.47[1]

Hosted by director of Salon News Asia, Sarah Chen, and Alternative Hair Founder, Tony Rizzo, the evening began with a personal message from the President of Alternative Hair, Anthony Mascolo, whose concept for the Visionary Award has grown into a major part of every Alternative Hair Show.

Anthony added: “For many years now I’ve looked to provide hairdressers with the chance to demonstrate their creativity, giving them opportunities to show their artistry and supporting their personal career journey. I see the Visionary Award as being about hairdressers who are the future of artistic global hairdressing.

Every year the competition has been well-supported by Taiwanese hairdressers and I am absolutely delighted we were given the opportunity to hold the Visionary Award in Taiwan prior to this year’s London Alternative Hair Show at ExCel, in association with Salon International, on Sunday October 6th.”

"I see the Visionary Award as being about hairdressers who are the future of artistic global hairdressing. I am absolutely delighted we were given the opportunity to hold the Visionary Award in Taiwan."
Anthony Mascolo

The Visionary Award Taiwan had a huge number of entries and the standard of work of the 35 finalists selected to present to the 1500 audience was incredibly high. Tony Rizzo commented the detail and time that went into creating every single look was simply magnificent. The six finalists travelling to London for the Alternative Hair Show are:

Sung Hui-Ju (Angel) – Cut & Colour Runner-up
Lin Szu-Chen (Renee) – Mens Runner-up
Chen Shuo-Fu – Avant Garde Runner-up
Hsieh, Wan-Yun (Ally) – Cut & Colour Winner
Lo, Shih-Chieh (Sam) – Mens Winner
Chang Hsin- Wen (Sandy) – Avant Garde Winner

Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 13.27.19
Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 13.27.19
Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 13.27.48
Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 13.27.48


One of the highlights of the evening was spectacular presentations from TIGI, led by TIGI APAC Creative Director, Gen Itoh and Asia Colour Education Director, Andy Cheong. The audience was totally blown away by the incredible hair styling and colouring, make-up, fashion and choreography that went into both presentations, and gave a phenomenal and justifiable applause to the excellent work.

The first presentation showcased five Bed Head styles, featuring creative, on-trend looks. This was followed by Utopia, an Avant Garde collection first shown at the 2018 Alternative Hair Show in London. Gen recreated the presentation by adapting the wigs first created by Akos Bodi and Josh Mascolo, using sandpaper to add texture on the ends, and applying Headrush to reflect the stage lights. The colours of the wigs were chosen to complement each model’s face shape, skin tone and eye colour.

TIGI Taiwan Visionary Award 2019
TIGI Taiwan Visionary Award 2019


Most importantly, the evening raised vital funding towards the Alternative Hair Charitable Foundation Fighting Leukaemia. During the  appeal, the audience watched a film explaining the incredible work the charity does to continually help fight Leukaemia and a very generous £10,000 was raised from donations  by the audience.

Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 13.23.13
Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 13.23.13

As well as supporting Bloodwise and Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, the Alternative Hair Charitable Foundation has taken its fight further afield through a partnership with World Child Cancer, which strives to bring the successes in treating childhood Leukaemia to less fortunate parts of the world.

You can support Alternative Hair by visiting

We hope to see you at the London Alternative Hair Show on Sunday October 6th held at PARODY, ICC Auditorium, ExCel Centre, London. Get your tickets today to see the work of TIGI and the other creative participants.


  • Cut & Styling: Gen Itoh   /  
  • Colour: Andy Cheong   /  
  • TIGI Taiwan Collective: Chang Chia Jung
  • Ou Chih Chen
  • Huang Ya Shan
  • Cheng Yi Ring
  • Jhang Yu Ci
  • Hsu Fu Mei
  • Wu Chih Cheng
  • Wigs: Akos Bodi   /  
  • Josh Mascolo   /  
  • Photography: Chien I-Mo   /  
  • Make-up: Nien Tsz Lee   /  
  • Wei Ting Chen
  • Hsiang Yu Mao
  • Original Fashion Pieces: Jiv D   /